Carey Grant

Welcome! I’m Johnny and I want to be a gentleman.

There are many constants that exist in my life, and one of the most prevalent, has been my quest to be a gentleman. My inspiration for this began with Carey Grant. when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old. My mother was watching To Catch a Thief while I sat and ate a some kind of sandwich.  It was a Saturday on the cusp of spring and summer. There, on the screen, sat Carey, picnicking in the south of France with Grace Kelly, and it forever became my image of a man, sharp as a blade and all class. At that young age I was unable to really express that, I did not have the outlet but I was hooked. I wanted to be this person, I wanted to be this kind of man.

Since then I have lived by a personal creed to be a gentleman at all costs. This is a constant evolution, however, it has certain defining principles that i try and live by.  Some are known; hold the door for a lady, pull out a ladies chair, look a man in the eye when you shake his hand, etc.  This code of conduct has roots that I am all to fascinated with but not too keen on boring you with. Here is the short of it, dear friends. The code of conduct for a gentleman as followed by yours truly, came out of the Anglo/Franc chivalric systems and was the root of the aristocratic ranks. The foundation of any man in society back then, started with being a Gentleman. It was a way of life. The first attribute needed to function successfully in society from the Pauper all the way up to the Prince.

 The Gentlemen’s Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness, published in 1860 describes the reason to be a gentlemen as:


“You may set it down as a rule, that as you treat the world, so the world will treat you. Carry into the circles of society a refined, polished manner, and an amiable desire to please, and it will meet you with smiling grace, and lead you forward pleasantly along the flowery paths; go, on the contrary, with a brusque, rude manner, startling all the silky softness before you with cut and thrust remarks, carrying only the hard realities of life in your hand, and you will find society armed to meet you, showing only sharp corners and thorny places for your blundering footsteps to stumble against.”

My personal site was previously used as a place to show my design work. There may be a few originals that end up here but for now this site is about my exploration.  I am making it public mostly because friends and family have told me I have a voice.  This is my attempt to prove to myself that I do.  My opinions here are only that, opinions.  I welcome your feedback and only ask one thing.  Help me become a better modern gentleman.