whale creek marina cap

Can we take a moment and talk about the baseball cap? Because you may be using it too much, guy.

Many men have the propensity to allow the casual nature of their twenties, creep well into their style habits during their thirties. No element of style is more evidence of this than the baseball cap. While it is a versatile casual accessory, it can be misused by many of our brethren.

The largest epidemic of misuse is too many men in their thirties sporting their cap backwards or cocked to the side like. It is really unflattering, quite juvenile and honestly not helping. Wearing your cap backwards speaks to a lack of desire to put away childish looks along with the childish things. Allow yourself to evolve. Reserve the cap backwards for when you are elbows deep in a ’84 Porsche 911 930/20 engine. Not when you are out on the town with the lady.

The top reason we put on a cap, is its easy. No need to run a comb through our hair or worry about looking professional. Just throw on a cap and we are ready to get on with the day. Which, by our attire and attitude, will be a casual one. That, however, does not mean style should be absent from your mind. Choose your headgear based on the circumstances. Before you go reaching for that ratty, broken in, team cap you have never washed, think. Think about the difference between going fishing with your father, or heading out for a pint with the boys over a Saturday brunch. For the latter, wear something a little cleaner, but with personality. Maybe that new Galactic Empire cap that goes well with everything.  Save the super comfortable, broken in ratty one for the day on the lake. Remember your style can be super casual but you can still look sharp.

I personally do not wear caps much but have a couple I keep on the top shelf of the wardrobe. Sadly, I am without the old broken in cap which I am sure will come in time. Currently, my go to is a red Whale Creek Marina cap I bought before going crabbing, with my best friend this past summer. It’s tied to a very pleasant memory and is currently leading the charge in terms of caps. Red is my favorite color and the cap pairs really well with a white v-neck t-shirt, and gray cardigan. It has a bit of personality due to the subject it advertises and has prompted more than a few unsolicited conversations.

The baseball cap is here to stay and I think that’s awesome. Men do not get the opportunity to accessorize and the cap is perfect to fill that gap at times but not all the time. It has its place in casual style and that is where it should stay in my opinion. Remember that your outward style reflects your inner personality. Take pride in what you are wearing, even if it is as casual as a baseball cap. We all want to see you look your best. No matter what the circumstances.