Hacking Away At Things

I have never referred to myself as a hacker. Growing up in the days of War Games, it was not something you went around telling people you did in your spare time. At that time, even if you did, no one would know what the hell you were talking about. They would give you a wedgie and run off with the girl.

Terminal in War Games

It’s a bit different now. To be geek is chic, and the term hacker is pretty much anyone who constructs, deconstructs, programs or modifies just about anything!

Somewhere in my thirties I stopped hacking computers, mostly because the computers in my life got easier. I was no longer building my own powerful PC’s for graphic and 3D work. I moved to a Mac Book Pro and barely looked back. Not because Mac was any better.(I’m pretty much platform agnostic.) It was just easier for a time in my life where I wanted to be mobile. I did not have to be tethered to clunky tower any longer. The laptop had become my workhorse, leaving the “build-from-scratch” days behind and my hobby of hacking computers along with it.

Enter Raspberry Pi and micro-computing.

I got my first Pi about three years ago. It was for some ambitious project that never made it further than printing a case with a MakerBot. After which it subsequently sat on my desk. Recently however, I got the urge to see what the hell I could do with it and before too long I was back in love with being a hobby hacker.

This new found enthusiasm sparked two new projects, both ambitious but a little more attainable on a couple Saturdays when I want to unwind.

The first is an anonymous, encrypted, torrent server that is low power and always on. The second, is an Emulation Station, which will allow Abby and I to play video games from almost every platform in the past, up to the PlayStation1.

The Pi Is No Piece of Cake

Setting up the Pi is not so plug and play. There is a good amount of basic computing knowledge needed to even get software installed. I can get into details later, but for now I will tell you that having some experience with Linux and the terminal helps a bunch. Google is certainly your friend when embarking down this road and the Pi community is very active on the web. Simply searching topics related to your problem tends to yield a lot of fruit.

These little machines pack quite a bit of power in a small package. My Raspberry Pi 3 is a Model B Quad Core with 1.2GHz of processor speed and 1GB of RAM. It also comes with 1G of RAM, onboard wifi and Bluetooth. All for under $40. Add the case and SD card (used to store the OS) and a nice setup will only set you back about $65. That is some serious potential for a small price.

These two new projects have become gymnasiums for my programming practices as well as my problem solving skills. They give me the desire to tinker and push the limits of my knowledge with


Can we take a moment and talk about the baseball cap? Because you may be using it too much, guy.

Many men have the propensity to allow the casual nature of their twenties, creep well into their style habits during their thirties. No element of style is more evidence of this than the baseball cap. While it is a versatile casual accessory, it can be misused by many of our brethren.

The largest epidemic of misuse is too many men in their thirties sporting their cap backwards or cocked to the side like. It is really unflattering, quite juvenile and honestly not helping. Wearing your cap backwards speaks to a lack of desire to put away childish looks along with the childish things. Allow yourself to evolve. Reserve the cap backwards for when you are elbows deep in a ’84 Porsche 911 930/20 engine. Not when you are out on the town with the lady.

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These Three Pairs of Shoes Should Be The Foundation of Your Wardobe!

Let’s start with the bottom and work our way up. Since we are new at this and all, and by we, I mean me. Shoes are a very important element to any style.  It really does not matter what you do daily, your shoes are something you should give a bit more thought to. I promise I will not promote dressing up in fancy shoes everyday. However, shoes can make an outfit, and in some occasions add a bit of playfulness to your style. Continue reading These Three Pairs of Shoes Should Be The Foundation of Your Wardobe!


Welcome! I’m Johnny and I want to be a gentleman.

There are many constants that exist in my life, and one of the most prevalent, has been my quest to be a gentleman. My inspiration for this began with Carey Grant. when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old. My mother was watching To Catch a Thief while I sat and ate a some kind of sandwich.  It was a Saturday on the cusp of spring and summer. There, on the screen, sat Carey, picnicking in the south of France with Grace Kelly, and it forever became my image of a man, sharp as a blade and all class. At that young age I was unable to really express that, I did not have the outlet but I was hooked. I wanted to be this person, I wanted to be this kind of man. Continue reading Welcome! I’m Johnny and I want to be a gentleman.


Style Yourself

Being a fashionable man is not for everyone. I recognize that. Fact is, there are certain barriers to entry when caring about men’s style. I am not quite sure what all of those barriers are, however I know they are there.  I think some of these barriers can be removed by finding your personal style, then putting together a good foundation in your wardrobe.  You never know…you may actually find out you like it.

Style, in my mind, is a personal journey. What works well for some may not work well for others. There are men out there that look quite fashionable in double breasted suits. I do not. You have to be open to explore the possibilities. Style can be many things but what is most important is that you feel confidence in it. This is admittedly a difficult task. However, if you are able to establish a good foundation, it is very rewarding. Finding your style has the ability to change a person.  Mostly for the better I think.  Just because you are doing it from the outside in does not mean it cannot be good.

When I think of style I do not just think about sharp suits and wingtip shoes.  A man can look stylish in jeans and a t-shirt if worn correctly. I know that may seem a little silly, but once your eyes are open to style, you will know when something is worn incorrectly.  For example, a striped tie against a striped shirt makes you look like a pillock, trust me.

Style is also more than clothes, it is about the elements of your life that make you interesting.  Your hobbies, likes, dislikes, how you work or play games, etc.  It’s how you carry yourself.  Your walk, talk, and most importantly how you treat others. Take the time to find your style and I promise the experience will be rewarding. The outer expression of your inner self, is your style and it should never be a second thought.